Piperton United Methodist Church

Our purpose is to know, love and serve Christ.


The mission of the Church is to know, love and serve Christ.


To transform lives, to transform our community and to renew the mainline church.


To build a Christian community where non-religious and nominally religious people are becoming deeply committed Christians.

Key Strategies

Meaningful Worship

Authentic Evangelism

Challenging Service

Accountable Discipleship

Christian Fellowship

The Primary Task of the Congregation

To reach out to others, accepting them as they are, and receiving them into the fellowship of the church

To help people relate their lives to God

To strengthen them in their faith and discipleship

To send them out and to support them as they make their communities more loving and just

Identified Obstacles

We pledge that we will not:

· pursue ministry which is contrary to our purpose

· fail to be good stewards of its financial and non-financial resources

· do anything contrary to the spirit and intent of the United Methodist Book of Discipline

· stray from the principles of Scripture

· stop discerning God's vision for the People of Piperton United Methodist Church